Tips for cutting the cost of your Spanish holiday

Holidaying in Spain is no longer the financial snip it once was – despite the recession, Spanish resorts have remained consistently popular and prices of food, alcohol and accommodation during the holiday season can be hefty. If you’re keen to enjoy a spot of Spanish sunshine without breaking the bank then here’s how to experience Spain on a budget.

Pick up a package: One of the best ways to save on your Spanish holiday is to book an all-inclusive deal. Travel companies such as On The Beach tend to offer Spain trips with hotels, flights and sometimes even extras such as tours and adventure activities, for a fraction of the price of booking individually. For example, they are currently offering all inclusive Tenerife holidays from only £140 per person. The added bonus is that you don’t have to expend time and effort organising each element of your holiday independently.

Get your timing right: Obviously, the best way to avoid inflated prices is to plan your Spanish trip for a less popular time of year. September, just after the school holidays, is one of the most beautiful months in Spain: temperatures are still toasty, without being quite as searing hot as they are in July and August, the sea is always warm and you’ll be able to pick a huge variety of fruit straight from the trees. This is a great time to travel, as are April and May, provided you avoid Easter and half term.

Be flexible: If you’re travelling with kids and can’t book your holiday during term time then you can still take advantage of bargains by being flexible. This can pay dividends with flights in particular, as certain days of the week tend to be more expensive regardless of the time of year. You can save even more by being prepared to rise early or get a red eye flight.

Compare the market: Never book a holiday, regardless of how cheap it seems, without comparing prices across a number of airlines, travel agents and booking websites first. There are websites that will take the stress out of trip comparisons by doing the hard work for you, particularly when it comes to financial products such as travel and medical insurance. Checking out a site such as Compare the Market is a good way to find the best deals.

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  1. Great tips on travelling to spain and how to save money while visiting spain! :)