Sri Lanka: Who Says Marriage Has To Be About Holiday Sacrifices?

While you were dreaming of visiting Sri Lanka’s historic Cultural Triangle, your wife was envisioning a relaxing holiday to Amanwella, a seaside resort renowned for its palm-fringed beaches and warm, rejuvenating waters.

How do you plan a holiday for your wedding anniversary when you have different visions for what that holiday should entail? It is easy; you specifically tailor your luxury holiday tour to incorporate both the Cultural Triangle and Amanwella. Who says marriage has to be about sacrifices?

The beauty of Sri Lanka is that it is small and compact, and this makes it easier to plan a tailored tour. At the same time, its diversity is legendary. There are ancient cities, jungles, beaches, exotic wildlife, rolling vistas and tea plantations all wrapped up in 65,000 km of island paradise. Sri Lanka has often been called the pearl of the Indian Ocean, and Marco Polo considered it one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

The Cultural Triangle

Wild elephants in Sri Lanka - Wiki image
The Cultural Triangle is filled with numerous UNESCO sights, and you begin the day by visiting Sigirya, a 5th century rock fortress. After that, you can head up to the Hill Country. You have never considered yourself a spiritual individual. Your wife is the one who is into Yoga, organic food and a host of other New Age lifestyle choices. 

However, when you see the Temple of the Sacred Tooth, which is the capital of the Hill Country, the divine impact is profound. The Sacred Tooth is one of the most spectacular treasures in the Buddhist world. You spend the rest of the afternoon in Yala National Park, where you hope to see a leopard or an elephant roaming in nature. Tomorrow, you are visiting the cave temple at Dambulla as well as visiting Polonnaruwa.

Amanwella Tangalle

Once you saw the coconut grove and the perfectly shaped crescent beach, you understood why your wife wanted to come to this part of Sri Lanka. You understood why Marco Polo loved the place too. Amanwella means “peaceful beach,” and upon seeing it you immediately understand why it was named that. However, your wife is more interested in the Ayurvedic packages that are being offered at the resort than the beach.

Beautiful Sri Lanka Beaches - Wiki image

Conceptually, Ayurveda is a way to attain balance. It uses Yoga, herbs, diet and message to rejuvenate the main principles of the body. When you told your wife it was nothing more than a glorified spa, she shot you daggers. It does not matter. If your wife wants to attain balance and rejuvenation through an Ayurveda experience, then that is fine. Keep the wife happy. You are going to catch some sun and go for a long swim. That is how you attain balance and rejuvenation the old fashion way.

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