Holiday in Lady Gaga's Footsteps - A Fortnight on Crete

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If you were as inspired as I was by the beautiful scenery of Crete when looking at tabloid coverage of Lady Gaga's visit, you might be considering taking holiday on the island. It's a safe bet you wouldn't regret it if you do.

I've been there on more than one occasion, and would be happy to go again. A holiday on Crete puts you in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea with just the right mix of party atmosphere and peaceful relaxation.

If you can afford to holiday like Lady Gaga, go with the Blue Palace Resort and Spa in Elounda. It is an incredible property. Their beach was awarded the internationally recognised Blue Flag award for 2012, which is meant to honor sustainable development, environmental management, and safety.

Gaga stayed at the Blue Palace when she visited Crete and you can too, or one of the many other resort options of Elounda, but expect to pay more than at other parts of the island.

The range of accommodations on Crete vary from the exclusive properties like the Blue Palace and Elounda to affordable hotels and studios meant to bring value to your holiday budget. My stays on Crete have been in the latter category, and I can say from experience there are fine deals to be had.

My first stay was in a studio flat at Marni Village in Chersonissos and I was more than happy with the location. The one thing I would recommend is renting a scooter, as it will make it easier to navigate the nearby hills. On my second visit I returned to Chersonissos and stayed at the Korifi Suites Boutique Hotel. It was even better than Marni Village and provided a wonderful holiday stay.

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I toured the island and visited some Elounda properties on that stay, imagining what it might be like to have my every wish met and my only concern of the day being whether or not I would allow the paparazzi any photo chances. I had dinner at Ferryman Taverna and was taken with the wonderful view and the fine cuisine.

There are many other great dining options, and the nightlife has something for everyone. You don't have to be someone like Lady Gaga to feel like a celebrity if you play your cards right. Crete offers a wonderful holiday adventure to everyone seeking a memorable respite.

Crete sits on the line between the Aegean and Libyan Seas, separating Europe from Africa. There are majestic mountains along the center of the island, and beautiful shorelines all around. The landscape varies from lightly forested to dry and nearly barren. Most of the cities, towns and villages are on the north side, while the south is mainly in an unspoiled natural state.

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