Capture the Color - Travel Photo Contest Entry

I have decided to participate in a photography contest, capture the color!  Below are my entries, I would love to know what you think!

My red photo was taken in Chiang Mai, Thailand near Christmas time.  It is hard to feel in the Christmas spirit when it is so warm and sunny out but I think a good dose of poinsettias does the trick every time!

Chiang Mai, Thailand
This photo was taken on a long family road trip.  It was about 7am and we were inside Yellowstone Park, the day before it closes down for winter.  We actually just stopped and were in awe of the buffalo crossing the road when my 3 year old yelled, "mom, look at the bootiful ice".  And a great picture was born!  Thanks C!

Yellowstone National Park
My blue photo was taken near the Viking Cave at Phi Phi Island in Thailand.  It was a special day trip we took from Phuket for my oldest son's birthday, where he wanted to relive some of the scenes from the movie, The Beach!  We weren't so thrilled with the island itself but this short boat ride past the cave was just incredible.  The water was the most blue I think I have ever seen water be!

My green photo was taken during a 5 hour hike in the rain forest in Costa Rica.  We were at the height of exhaustion and as I sat down to rest a moment I spotted this guy through the trees.  It was just what we all needed to get excited and rejuvenated to finish the hike!

Costa Rica Snake
On a walk in Thailand one day we came upon this beautiful Wat/Monestary.  These flags surrounded the temple grounds and held so much meaning to the many who were kneeling before them.  We had to wait for about 20 minutes to get this photo as there were orange clad monks meditating in front of them for quite some time.  I have those pics as well but Orange was not a color for this contest:)

As part of the contest rules I have also been asked to tag a few other photographic bloggers.  I have decided to tag:

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Good luck everyone!       

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  1. Your blue entry looks like a photo of mine from Malta where we visited Blue Lagoon. It was rather green than blue, I must say, so your choice to include it intrigues me.

  2. I just LOVE your white photo. It's amazing!

  3. Thanks so much, it was a great spot to be. We love Yellowstone and are hoping to go back next year maybe:)