Petronas Towers and KLCC Park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are a national icon on a grand scale.  Once the tallest buildings in the world (from 1998-2004) and still the tallest twin towers in the world, it is not just the height alone that is so impressive, especially at night.

I knew coming to KL that the Petronas towers were something I wanted to be sure and see, but I had no idea just how amazing and beautiful they actually were.  We have been here for about 2 weeks now and have spent at least 4-5 days in front of the towers admiring it from many different angles.

The architecture, the sparkling lights of evening, the fountains outside, close up views of the skybridge, the beautiful 17 acre KLCC park, shopping at Suria KLCC mall, or just standing below to feel the grandiosity of it all....there is no shortage of ways to enjoy this area.

The 7 story mega mall
Huge playground with a view
The entire playground has this rubberized surface, much safer
This is one of the largest playgrounds I have ever seen
Also a large free wading pool
The towers took 7 years to construct, being built on the world's deepest foundation of 120 meters.  The buildings have 88 floors each made out of reinforced concrete, steel, and glass.  Interestingly, because of the high cost of steel, the towers use a high strength super concrete.  

The architecture resembles that of Islamic art, appropriate as Islam is Malaysia's official religion.  There is a skybridge walkway that links the 2 towers,  providing an interesting aesthetic as well as a secondary route for emergency evacuation should that ever be needed.  The pinnacles atop each tower finish off the aesthetic appeal.  Each is over 73 meters high and were assembled outside the country and raised in to place whole.  They serve as a spot for aircraft warning lights and also fit into the overall Islamic look to the buildings.

The curves of the building are just stunning
The skybridge, lifted in one piece up to it's spot
A revolving sculpture in one of the outdoor lobby's
Our favorite time was in the evening when the towers just seem to sparkle.  I do not know a lot about architecture but the shapes and angles unique to the building seem to be a big reason for this.  Whether you are up close or have a nice view of the towers in the evening they have a way of making you smile.

View from our room
Fountains go all day but at night they become breathtaking
Getting darker
This is just below the towers themselves!
You could stay for hours enjoying the perfect weather and beautiful city scenery
Favorite moment, hands down!

Sadly, the one thing we decided NOT to do is to go up the towers.  The cost, to me, is exorbitant at 80RM ($28) per adult and 60RM ($20) per child.  As a family of 5 this adds up quickly and is just not worth it but of course that is a personal decision.

Tip: You can go down to the ticketing area to view the models, play some children's games, and watch a short film on the making of the towers...all for free!

KLCC (park, mall, and towers) can be accessed via rapid KL train, buslines, or by taxi.   There is also an aquarium and Petrosains science museum located in the mall, both very worthwhile to visit.

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  1. The Petronas tower is one of the fabulous piece of building in the world.this was the world's tallest building for some period.

    1. Yes, hey are absolutley lovely! My favorite is how they dazzle at night!