Floating Mosque in Penang, Malaysia

The floating mosque in Penang, otherwise known as Masjid Terapun, was the first mosque that I have ever stepped foot in.  It stands on stilts so is not actually floating, but it is the first mosque built directly in the ocean water.  

We had been in Penang for over 3 weeks and after driving past on multiple occasions I finally decided to head down to see if I could visit.  This new found bravery was, of course, partially due to the fact that a friend of mine also wanted to go and said she would join me. 

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing to fear about going to a mosque except the thought that I may offend someone.  I was nervous to show up at a bad time, during a prayer time, or walk in the wrong door in the wrong clothes.  As it turned out, everyone we encountered there was very friendly and made us feel welcome.  

There was a need to enter the correct door and wear proper clothing (which was provided) but as tourists we were not expected to go in the ablation room to wash.  We were free to walk along the outside snapping photos and to enter the female area for prayer.  It was a beautiful but scorchingly hot day so we did not stay too long.  I was able to get quite a few lovely pics....enjoy!

Beautiful location

Area for women to wash before entering the mosque

Main hall ceiling
Main hall, pointing towards Mecca

If you are in Penang, the Floating Mosque is definitely worth a quick visit.  Best time to go is around 3 or 4pm as that is in between prayer time.  There will still be some people there but we felt very welcome.  There are robes for the women to wear, but remember there are separate entrances for women and men, so do not set foot in the main hall.  If you walk around the right-hand side you will see the women's prayer area.

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  1. Thanks for posting these photos, Mary. We never got around to visiting that Mosque while we were in Penang. We only got as far as taking a picture from the parking lot. It is beautiful inside!