High Marks for Comfort and Service on EVA Air: Review

From the time we entered the line to receive our EVA Air boarding passes at LAX, welcomed by a smiling greeter, we knew the service on this Taiwanese airline was going to be far superior to anything we experienced on a domestic American flight.

To preface, we've flown on nearly every U.S.-based airline in the past, always in coach.  And let's just say the service has been in huge decline in recent years.  So, it's not very difficult to outdo the Americans in service where free pillows and meals are now extinct, and stewarts are annoyed if you ask for anything "extra" ordinary.

Although we were quite nervous about our comfort level for a 15-hour journey in coach, we immediately were at eases to discover the plane was not completely full allowing us to separate into the scattered vacant areas to have a bit more elbow room. The trick to this is being the last group to board the plane which we always intentionally are. Additionally, the leg room was noticeably larger than coach seating on domestic U.S. airlines.

Once we settled into our seats where fresh blankets and pillows awaited, we discovered that the seat-back TVs had movies, television shows, video games, and in-flight GPS tacking.  All of which served to entertain us for hours during the long flight.

The large team of stewardesses, all attractive enough to have been models to promote the airline, never stopped working the entire 15-hour flight.  Two full meals were served, snacks and drinks were available throughout the duration, and extra blankets, headphones or pillows were dispersed with a smile.

The quality of the food was what you might expect, sort-of like hospital food, but slightly better.  There was a fresh salad, fruit, and warm bread with each meal which were the typical chicken and rice dish (pretty hard to screw that up).  For breakfast, eggs, and again fresh fruit and warm rolls.  All in all, the food was enjoyable, free, and we were grateful to have it.

I told friends afterward, that I probably could have stayed on that plane for a week...which is a bit of an exaggeration.  However, EVA Air gets super high marks for comfort and service -- especially compared to U.S. airlines. So, if you're planning a trip to Asia, we highly recommend using them. PS: They were the least expensive airline as well....

Visit their website here to get your ticket quotes.


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