9 Tips To Find Cheap Hotels

Poco Cielo Resort, Atenas Costa Rica
Cheap Hotels

A cheap hotel doesn’t necessarily mean lack of quality. Follow the tips below to make your stay cheaper weather you want a budget hotel or a luxury hotel.
  1. The earlier the better: You can book your stay in advance and chances are that you might land up a handsome discount or some additional features in the form of freebies. Hotels tend to increase their prices for the rooms booked urgently so why haggle?
  2. Take a trip in off season: You can use the demand and supply for cheap hotels as per your benefit. Hotels tend to set a higher price during the on season but when the occupancy rate is low prices drop to attract off season business.
  3. Connect with people: Visit travel forums and talk to family and friends. People are the untapped resources when it comes to a scoop on cheap hotels. Their advice is most likely to be reliable as they will hear about if the cheap hotel turns out to be a waste.
  4. Avoid booking weekends: It is difficult to find a cheap hotel for a weekend simply because there is a greater demand for it in the market. Hotels tend to be in the business for the week by utilizing the weekend opportunity. You can book your stay from Monday to Thursday to get a better deal than on a weekend in any part of the world.
  5. Reduce Unwanted Accessories: Book a hotel without a pool, restaurant and spa if you don’t think you are going to use those facilities anyway. They will just add to the total price of your room.
  6. Parking considerations: In some cases parking can be quite expensive if the hotel does not have its own, especially if you plan to stay on a little longer so plan accordingly.
  7. Location is everything: The nicest places are often just outside the stressing city, and the best part: they are often cheaper than the hotels in the middle of the city. You should do a little research since the in city hotels are bound to charge higher simply because of the proximity to the main area.
  8. Check with your credit card: some major hotels have tie ups with credit card companies to promote travel and business in a specific area, giving discounts if the client uses his credit card. You can land up discounts up to 20% through this facility in some hotels. 
  9. Book your hotel at cheap-hotels.com: We do a metasearch through the entire range of major hotel booking websites. You can have the ease of comparison of rates, amenities and location at a single platform. With the ‘User Reviews’ feature you can have a better idea of what to expect when checking in the hotel for a first time. You might also discover promotional deals available exclusively for the clients of cheap-hotels.com

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