8 Ways to Make Travel with Kids More Valuable

They say traveling broadens the mind, and this is especially true for children, who tend to soak up interesting new experiences. There are plenty of ways you can make your holiday or travels a richer experience for your children. This guide outlines eight ways to make travelling both engaging and educational for children, including sampling exotic food, new cultures and learning how to speak other languages.

Start them young in a life of travel and open the world up for new experiences
Open them up to new experiences
Like adults, kids can be creatures of habit. But they’re also very interested in new things. Embrace the opportunity to expose them to new experiences when you travel and they’ll take plenty on board.

Put in some prep work
Get books or audio books about the destinations you’re going to visit, so your kids can learn a bit about them before they go. This will make it all come alive for them when you get there.  And give them some control over what, how and when to see any particular venue.

Try different cuisines
Food tends to be a big part of a country’s culture wherever you go, and travelling provides a great opportunity for children to try local foods. Not only will it help develop their palate, it could also lead to a love of unique food and, perhaps, a career in cookery.

Visit museums
Museums can be an interesting way to learn about local history. Take your kids to a variety of museums on your travels and let them explore different histories and cultures first hand.

Go to art galleries
But keep it interactive. Take your children to galleries where they can view artwork by local artists and ask them what they think. Children are only too happy to give their opinion, but keep an eye and ear on their desires.  If you stay too long they'll start to think art museums aren't very fun!

Check out local festivals
Expose children to new cultures. Not only can you do this through sampling new foods and visiting galleries and museums, but you could also take them to local events and festivals. Carnival in Rio is a great example. They’ll learn all about the culture, and the sights should keep them entertained.

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Set travel treasure hunts
Kids love treasure hunts! Make a list of items that are sold in your chosen destination and go on a hunt in markets and shops to find them. It’ll be interesting for the kids and fun for you too.

Learn the language
Studying overseas is a good way for children to learn a new language and gain experience of a different country. There are a number of language courses abroad that are open to learners of different ages in different destinations.

There are a number of reasons why learning a language is great for kids. One is that they’ll be able to communicate with locals and get more out of their travels. Learning languages also inspires children to discover more about different places and encourages them to explore, whether they choose to learn French in France, German in Germany or maybe even Japanese in Japan!

Children can also learn more about the culture of a destination if they can speak some of the language. They’ll be able to integrate and put themselves in the shoes of locals more easily. If a child develops additional language skills it gives them scope to pursue opportunities when they’re older. They’ll be employable in different countries and also benefit potential employers by being able to translate different languages.

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