5 Must See Destinations Before You Die

The Masai Mara in Kenya - Wiki image

Although the world is filled with wonderful locations for holiday makers, there are some that everyone should visit at least once before they die.

These five destinations are breath-taking, awe-inspiring and definitely places to see and remember forever.

Galapagos Islands
Tourists mingle with wildlife in Galapagos
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The Galapagos Islands were created by violent volcanic activity. Both plant and animal species crossed 1000km of ocean to settle on the islands and evolve independently to create a truly unique environment. Here you can watch the Blue Footed Booby dance, see the Humpback whale leap and marvel at the Giant tortoise.

And it's not just the animals and plants that attract visitors to the islands. The scenery is incredible, with everything from stunning beaches to dramatic mountain peaks.


Petra in Jordan strikes wonder into the hearts of all who visit it. Built over 2000 years ago by the Nabataeans, it is now classed as one of the seven new wonders of the world. And there is nothing on Earth that resembles this city carved out of sandstone and lit by the rising and setting sun. It is unique.

Petra , Jordan - Wiki Image
It is only accessible through a kilometre-long chasm that blocks out the sun with its steeply rising sides. The gloom gives way to bright sunlight as you enter into an enchanted kingdom of carved facades, arched gateways and colonnaded streets unchanged for millennia.

Great Barrier Reef
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Quite possibly nature's most beautiful sight, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is something everyone should see. It has a different vista depending on how you're viewing it. From a boat, you can look down and across at the living reef, then go on to one of the many lush island national parks.

Don your flippers and kick through psychedelic coral reefs accompanied by a turtle or two. Trek through the rainforest and camp out with the nocturnal wildlife and breathe in the fragrant rainforest air. Then experience the reef from a seaplane or helicopter for yet another view of nature's masterpiece.

Terracotta Warriors
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The Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Lintong, Xian are probably among the most important archaeological excavations of the last century. Row upon row of stoical life-sized warriors stare back at you from the positions they assumed nearly 3000 years ago waiting to be brought to life to protect their Emperor in the afterlife. Nothing can prepare you for the sight of these thousands of warriors.

The main tomb has still to be excavated, mainly because archaeologists are still uncertain of its exact location. What is known is that 700,000 workers were sacrificed after it was completed to safeguard its secrets.

Masai Mara

The Masai Mara in Kenya provides perhaps the only opportunity to see the 'big five' in their natural habitat. And together with the leopards, African elephants, lions, black rhinoceros and African buffalo there are hippos, Nile crocodiles, cheetahs and hyenas. Where else could you see so many different species interacting with one another?

Around July, the Great Migration takes place, one of the most incredible sights in the world. This involves over a million wildebeest, half a million Thomson's gazelles and some two hundred thousand zebras. These migrating animals are tracked on their migration by predators such as lions and hyenas. The sheer enormity of the spectacle makes Masai Mara a must-see destination.

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