Kids Adventure Zone in Batu Ferringhi, Penang - Malaysia

Penang has a variety of wonderful things to enjoy as a family.  Beaches, swimming pools, temples, and butterfly farms, there is no shortage of outdoor activities.  But what is there to do during a rainy day or a particularly hot stretch, which is not uncommon in Penang?

If you are in or around Batu Ferringhi, the kids Adventure Zone is the answer!   Located at the Golden Sands Resort, on the beach, it is also part of the kids club at the hotel.  They offer a range of activities; kids club, birthday parties, free play open to the public, video games, and Segway rides.  There is also a reception counter complete with drinks and snacks.  And as an added bonus there is free, fast, wifi in the lobby area where you can watch, play, and get a little work done at the same time.

One of the party rooms
Money tip:  You can bring a small amount of food and drink in the facility.  I wouldn't bring a whole meal but a big bottle of water and a couple granola bars seemed to be no problem.  Every little bit helps!

From their own website, "Adventure Zone is a unique family entertainment venue for children and adults. It is a 10,300 sq. ft. comprehensive indoor facility catering for family style activities where children, teens and adults can interact together in a safe environment."

It is a fully air conditioned facility complete with a toddler area, video games, and an intricate design of walkways, ball pits, and slides.  We went on multiple occasions and had a wonderful time each visit.   From 2 years old to 13 and up they seen to have something for everyone.

The "frightening" slides, long sleeves mandatory
Wave slide (there are workers available to play and assist with coming down the slides)
 Details:  The cost for entrance is 20RM ($6.66) during the week and 32RM ($11) on the weekend for a 2 hour time period, but I found they often let it extend by at least a 1/2 hour.  Adults enter and can play for free with a paying child.

Safety is a priority
So nice, they even let the sad, too small to really ride, guy check it out!
They loved every minute!
Segway rental is 54RM ($18)  for 15 minutes on their track.  Video games are 1RM per token but they are older games and I don't recommend wasting time in this area.  To be allowed entrance anyone participating must have on socks.  Additionally anyone using the slides must have a long sleeved shirt to avoid burns.  The slides are fast and furious!

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  1. Looks like fun! If you haven't been already, I would avoid the Toy Museum there. We went during our rainy day there and, in our opinion, it was a sad disorganized display of dusty toys. The family loved Penang though...can't get enough of their food.

  2. I can't believe we missed this one! We really enjoyed Penang but would have loved to take Niko to this place. Oh well, next time, thanks for the tip. Martin