The first moment we decided to change our lives

Changing your life certainly does not happen in one moment, but if you really think it through there probably is a single moment when you decided to take control of your destiny and change your life. I have thought long and hard about this and really tried to pinpoint that moment but just one didn’t seem to make the picture complete.  The following is an attempt to make sense of it all.

We started this actual journey 5 years ago but the decision was made 2 years before that at a dinner party with some of our best friends. While reflecting on all the ways that we were not fulfilled in our lives and playfully bantering about exciting things we could be doing instead of the daily grind, both my husband and I had very strong “aha” moments. It occurred to us both that if we can dream it then we sure as hell should be able to live it.  At this moment it all seemed to make sense to us.   Our friends went home not thinking much more about it but we knew this was it, we knew that in the next few months big changes would be taking place.  We discovered in that moment that we were going to do more with our lives!  What a moment, but was it the first, was it the most important?

To back track a bit we were already sick of the rat race.  Sick of the house that was too big for us and sick of watching society degrade to the point that children and adults alike didn't know the difference between needs and wants.  At the moment of this realization we saw that leaving our lifestyle was imperative to our personal growth and that of our children.  We sat down at night going over just how much money we would need to be making after paying the house and cars off.  It was an astronomical amount.  Even after racing through life and finally getting to retirement it would be near impossible to live the way we were living, and the worst part is that we would have to live the next 35 years at this pace and feel like we got no where.  Talk about a hamster wheel!  Maybe that was really the first moment then.

Having children could also be described as one of these moments.  It ignited a desire in us to do better for them.  We feel that travel is one of the best things to do for a child.  To open their world through experience and show them the options for a happy life that exist...they are endless.  This is definitely one of the moments that changed our lives.  I have also always felt extremely grateful that my husband and I seem to come to these life changing moments together.  Is another "moment" when we pick our life partners, knowing that we can flow through life together through good and bad?  I think both of these moments contributed greatly to following my dreams, with out my husband and kids I am not sure that I would have even realized what it is to dream!

The important thing is, that it is all these moments of self reflection, strung together, that actually make up the one true moment.  Life changes in stages and our thought process and personal growth move the same way.  All it takes is one moment of deep reflection to see what we are destined to do with the time we have, but it may take many moments to get to the point when you take that leap into the unknown.  Where ever you are in your life, make the most of YOUR moments and reach as hard as you can to turn the dreams into reality!  Start NOW.....

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  1. Great post Mary. "Ah ha moment-a sudden understanding, recognition, or resolution." I want at least one 'moment' each day!

  2. I know what you're talking about when you mention figuring out how much money you'd need and feeling that number was astronomical. We've made huge adjustments in our life. A few weeks ago though my wife and I were talking about how much money it took us to maintain our home and lifestyle. I was like WOW! That was a big number!

  3. I agree with what Clark and you both cost so much simply to maintain the life that was seemingly just a life of maintaining (if that makes any sense)!

    Without my husband to encourage the dreaming (and the kids who are supportive), I think I would also be stuck at home doing nothing. I realized this in my dating years...and consciously made the choice to find a spouse that would be up for adventure, as well. Finding him in fairly remote town in Alaska pretty much satisfied the prerequisite! Haha!