How to gamble while in Australia

From Sydney to Alice Springs, people who want to go gambling in Australia can find places to attend, with high quality services, and a nice variety of games to play. But how about playing online? Well... when it comes to online games, things get a bit more interesting. Because local companies are not allowed to offer casino-style gaming services over the Internet. And the so-called "offshore" operators - those based in other countries - are also banned from promoting their services to Australians. But the law doesn't forbid locals to play at offshore operators, which leads to an interesting situation: while there are no Australian online casinos, the locals are still playing casino games online.

The most popular online casino in Australia 
Which is the most popular online casino in Australia? Well, it's really hard to tell, since there are no official statistics available about the attendance of offshore operators. If you ask me, it's the Royal Vegas Casino . The Royal Vegas Casino is one of the most reputable standalone online casinos out there. It has a long history - it was founded in 2000, which makes it one of the oldest gaming portals still in business. Over its history, Royal Vegas has built a reputation as a reliable, safe and fair partner, with high quality games, responsive and helpful customer support, and some of the most generous bonuses you can find online. Not to mention its specials: each month, Royal Vegas Casino players can compete for a variety of prizes, ranging from cash to luxury vacations. 

So, what can Australians play online?
The situation of online poker in Australia is similar to that of online casino games. While locals are not prohibited from playing online where they please, companies - not even local ones - are banned from offering (or promoting) such services for Australians. But poker fans, just like casino players, will always find their preferred game online. The list of the most popular online poker destinations in Australia is basically the same as in other countries: PokerStars, 888 Poker, PartyPoker, and all the other "usual suspects". 

Is there any form of online gambling that's regulated in Australia?
Yes, there is. Sports betting is the only form of real money online gambling that can be promoted and offered to Australians by Australian companies - and only them. The IGA, Australia's gambling law, restricts foreign companies to offer such services to Australians. So the major international betting companies have found a workaround for it: they created - or acquired - Australian companies to offer their services through them. The most popular online sports betting venues available to Australians are Sportsbet (owned by Irish bookmaker Paddy Power), Bet365, William Hill, Pinnacle Bet - basically all the same major companies that rule the rest of the world's betting markets.

Have you done any gambling while in Australia?  Tell us about it in the comments below!  It may not be for everyone but I know a lot of people that like to keep their gaming going even while on vacation!
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