Maintaining home security while away on a family vacation

When you take off for an extended vacation, your home security becomes an entirely different concept than it usually is. Of course, when you are at home, you can enjoy total control over your home’s safety and security. You can make sure doors are locked when necessary, you can manually set your alarm, and you can keep an eye out for any strangers acting in unusual ways, etc.

Essentially, you are the most important aspect of your home’s safety when you are indeed at home. However, when you set out to spend some time away from your home, your security system and preparations become far more important, as it will be entirely up to them to protect your house in your absence.

Some people consider leaving lights on or even a TV while they go away for a short time, like my in-laws do. However, they live in a very sleepy town with almost no crime.  They also have dogs and someone who checks in regularly to feed them and collect the newspapers on the driveway.

Many people don't have this option, especially if they will be traveling for an extended period of time.  If you lack someone who can house sit for you while you're away, the next best option would be a Home Security System. Generally, modern security systems come equipped with wireless alarms, motion detectors, smoke detectors, and sometimes more. Additionally, you can arrange to have your system connected to you through your cell phone or smart device, which would allow you to monitor the system while on vacation.

In addition to making sure that your security system is updated and armed, you may also want to take some more practical precautions to discourage criminal activity against your home in your absence.

First, you should notify a close neighbor that you will be out of town, and arrange for a neighbor to pick up your mail and/or newspapers – one way that criminals sometimes recognize an empty house is by taking note of papers piling up in driveways. Additionally, your neighbor can keep a loose eye on your home, so that it is not entirely unwatched in your absence. You should also take other steps to make your home appear occupied, such as leaving a light or two on, and keeping a car visible in the driveway or garage.

Unfortunately, it is a simple fact that when you are absent, your home can be more vulnerable to theft or vandalism. However, if you take steps like those outlined above, you should be able to go on vacation without worrying about your home security. An advanced security system, combined with your own practical vigilance, can keep your home very safe even while you are not present to keep your eye on things. This can give you the peace of mind to enjoy your family vacation without worrying about the safety and security of your home!

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